• Pop Art Inspired by Lichtenstein

     Pop Art Inspired by Lichtenstein

    If you are a fan of pop art then you're probably already well acquainted with the work Roy Lichtenstein . Roy Lichtenstein became one of the leading pop artists of the sixties with his comic-strip paintings. Drowning Girl 1963, shown left, is one of his better known works and is a good example of the design features in his most famous pieces. Notice the thick lines, bold colors, and thought bubble. His work also often included boxed captions and words such as "WHAAM!", commonly found in comic books.

    Benday dots were Lichtenstein's trademark. Benday dots are a printing process which combines two (or more) different small, coloured dots to create a third colour. Back in the day, pulp comic books used benday dots in primary colours to inexpensively create the secondary colours such as flesh tone.

    You can create the benday dot effect by using the Colour Halftone filter found in Adobe Photoshop, however in this tutorial I'm going to show you a way to create a fantastic looking black and white Halftone Pattern. "Why?", because I like the look of it better.


    Due to the vivid colors, the pop art that you will create using this tutorial will look fantastic if you get it printed at your local print shop. If you are going to get it printed, in the beginning change the resolution to 300dpi (Image >> Image Size) and at the end of the tutorial change the mode to CMYK (adjust colours if necessary).

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